Throughout the years, we have learned that the most memorable events are created by an intricate team of experienced, passionate, and client-focused vendors. Collaborations with some of the most successful partners in the industry inspired us to start our Preferred Partners Program, where One Of A Kind teams up with the best-of-the-best to produce every aspect of an event you can need. We have worked alongside these teams for years, tackling each and every weekend together. The personal rapport and mutual trust we have with our Preferred Partners allows us to support you in seamless planning and create your exclusive event.


We understand how overwhelming event planning can be. Our initiative is to give you a One Of A Kind experience, and that starts with a stress-free planning process. By choosing our Preferred Partners, coordinating everything from hair and makeup, to unique production enhancements is made convenient and personal. We pull talent together in-house to ensure consistent planning, coordination, and implementation, so that you don’t have to.